Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Menu's and Memoribilia

This was our first trip to the Orient - I got a pass from Northwest Airlines Sales - First Class cost us $120 plus $3 tax.  The cost for Coach would have been $85 plus $3 tax. Who in their right mind wouldn't pay the additional $35-we are talking about 7 flight segments so $5 each to upgrade.  Sure was a tough decision.  We flew NW flight 7 JFK-SEA-HND (Tokyo Haneda as Narita had not been built yet) Then on to Taipei and Hong Kong. The return was HKG-HND-SEA. We spend couple of day in Seattle on the return, climbing Mr Rainer (by car).  Then NW 4 SEA-JFK.  All 747's!


  1. Here are the passes and boarding passes with my 747 model of a Northwest Orient 747 - not the total price of $120 plays $3 tax - tell me they were not the good old days

  2. That NWO model is beautiful. Though in real life the silver top never quite shined like that! Northwest was never exactly meticulous when it came to keeping their exteriors clean.