Friday, March 13, 2015

 Northwest flight 4 SEA-JFK 747-100 (note the doors that open on the cowling at higher RPM's
 United DC-8 51 parked at LAS
 TWA Boeing 707 departing London Heathrow
 Same flights approaching BOS
 United 218 departing LAS for ORD and then EWR - Dinner to Dinner in First Class!
 United 992 DC8-61 ORD-HNL May of 1975
 United 218 in flight out of ORD
 National DC-10 near Lake Mead
National flight 474 out of LAS headed for IAH


  1. I love the photos on your posts, J! I noticed your mention of the 747SP a few posts ago; it's funny how wide-body aircraft are so much more of a rarity for domestic travel these days. It's not like the population has gotten any smaller ...

    1. There were plenty of 747's flying domestically back then - AA 1 and 3 JFK-LAX, NA and EA had 747's JFK-MIA, I used to fly TWA JFK-LAS-JFK and one of my favorites was UA 218, a 747 LAS-ORD-EWR. They have smaller planes but more frequency today - I liked it better back in the 70's and 80's - I have quite a few more pics to put up, glad you enjoyed them